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  April 2009 - A few voices from the ice

In my work at the cultural and recreational section of the municipality, we aim to provide the best possible ice at lowest possible cost.
Therefore, it felt very positive to build and develop a portable unit for pure water.

During our first year we have used the unit in the curling hall where we have raised the temperature by 4-5 degrees, the result has been very positive, with a faster and more curling ice, moreover, the ice has been more easily maintained because of the hardness.

Since we have not flooded the ice since the first surfacing in September, the unit have been used in Skyttis hockey hall where we put the water on top of regular base ice and mixed softened (4 µS/cm) and plain water (180 µ S/cm) to about 60 µS/cm, which meant that we have been able to raise the set point by 2-3 degrees depending on the activity in the hall.

In addition, we used this water in both Hall A and B at the European Curling Championships, where the players were very happy with the ice conditions.

I see it as a huge positive develop-ment opportunity to use this water in both curling and hockey halls. We can see a clear reduction in energy consumption and less running hours on cooling machinery, better visibility on ice ads. Less wet snow during the game and last but not least, better ice.

In addition, ices made with this water are less sensitive to temperature increases in the halls due to the fact that the heat is conducted better in softened water.

Our attempt has been going on throughout the season 2008-2009 and we will now do tests with chemically pure water in an ice rink to see what temperatures we can use.

Janne Zetterlund, Örnsköldsvik

We have now tested RiteIce® for 3 weeks.

We surfaced the 'old' ice with RiteIce®.

Previously, we had 5 degrees, but we are now able to run on the meager 4 degrees and it works well in spite of the old ice and short test period. Many think there is less formation of snow, the ice becomes more elastic and puck glides faster.

We resurface the ice in the evening as usual and in the morning the ice is nice and smooth which it wasn’t before.

Conny Larsson, Borlänge