Lägre temperatur & bättre is

RiteIce® launches

a new ice age

focusing on winter sports arenas
& smart climate solutions!

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Svenska Ishockeyförbundet Svenska Curlingförbundet

Ice Pist
Surface & Water

Creating optimal ice conditions by taking care of the geothermnal influences.

The slab coating is designed to provide good anchoring of the ice.

The ice is made up by normalized and certified water.
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Indoor Climate
Rink & Stands

The rink climate is maintained by an air quality in equilibrium with the ice surface.

The stands should be kept under a good climate comfort.
Building Shell
Enclosure & Radiation

The shell of the stadium is optimized with respect to low energy exchange with the ice surface and the surrounding environment.
Real-time Control & Monitoring

Pattern recognition of different operating scenarios for optimum economy. Proven and sophisticated technology from the process industries is used.